Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Almonds


In the heart of Puglia and from the heart of two Apulian people

Lamafà was born from an act of heart and courage

The Apulian Azienda Agricola Lamafà ("we have to do it" in the apulian dialect) was born from the irrepressible desire of two young (inside) Apulians...

Our products

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Almonds

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the precious result of the pressing of the finest varieties of Apulian olives, Coratina and Ogliarola, harvested according to traditional methods...

The Trulletti: the Gourmet Party Favor for your events

A concentration of love for Puglia

Colorful, artisanal and Apulian, our Trulletti are terracotta bottles made exclusively by hand by an Apulian master ceramist according to the traditional ceramic art of the region...