Those who are from Puglia or know Puglia well, certainly have etched in their memory and heart the image of an expanse of almonds placed to dry in the sun on large green sheets immediately after harvesting. Whole families gathered around this scenario to collaborate in the tiring phase of depriving of the peel, once carried out exclusively by hand.

Today, also "AMINUE" - our shelled almonds - after the harvesting phase, rest under the rays of the Apulian sun: a completely natural process that allows us to maximize the flavor and organoleptic qualities of these precious fruits.

Our almonds belong exclusively to Apulian varieties, among which the Filippo Cea cultivar stands out: crunchy and large-sized, it is famous for the sweetness of its pulp and for its excellent aromatic notes.

Our "AMINUE" are naturally rich in Vitamin E and represent a real panacea for our health. Excellent to be enjoyed naturally for a healthy and nutritious snack or to be used for the preparation of the most different recipes, both sweet and savory.