The Gourmet Party Favor for your events

The artisanal bottle 100% made in Puglia

Colorful, artisanal and Apulian, our Trulletti are terracotta bottles made exclusively by hand by an Apulian master ceramist according to the traditional ceramic art of the region and containing our extra virgin olive oil.

A true concentration of love for Puglia, the Trulletti celebrate the richness of this land, homeland of natural and architectural beauties such as the trulli, which the Trulletti are inspired to in form and design, and homeland of unique and unrepeatable products such as the extra virgin olive oil they contain.

A gastronomic favor with a country and a little retro style to celebrate any type of event and occasion, giving your guests a pleasant gift that combines design, originality and usefulness.

The craftsmanship of the product also guarantees unique and handmade creations.

Trulletti are available in various colors - white, green, yellow, light blue, mud and the brand new antique pink color, pistachio green and tiffany - and in 3 sizes: 100 - 250 - 400 ml.

Our Trulletti are registered at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office with filing number 402020000003043.