«Lamafà... e l'am fatt!»

(we have to do it...and we did it!)

The Apulian Azienda Agricola Lamafà ("we have to do it" in the Apulian dialect) was born from the irrepressible desire of two young (inside) Apulians, Antonio and Marianna, to make a decisive change not only to their professional life, but more in general to your lifestyle.

Change their own life, get out of office hours, free themselves from the anxieties and rhythms of everyday life, give themselves a valid alternative by making their passion for agriculture and love for the land, their own land, the keystone of this change.

This is where the Azienda Agricola Lamafà was born, from an act of heart and courage: to turn the page in order to dedicate themselves to what they love and make them feel good.

A dream that slowly and with their own strength has turned into a splendid reality, thus passing from the cultivation of a family garden, to the management of 10 hectares of land located in the countryside of Corato, in the heart of the Alta Murgia National Park in Puglia, a land that has always been dedicated to agriculture, and dedicated to the cultivation of olive and almond trees, two symbolic plants of this region and of which it is indisputably lavish, not only in terms of quantity, but also and above all of quality.